Sensirion SDP3x Arduino driver

This Arduino library can be used to interface the SDP3x differential pressure sensor from Sensirion over I2C to get the pressure difference and the temperature reading it exposes.


For now clone the github repository or download and unpack a Zipped version into the libraries folder of your Arduino IDE.

git clone

Usage example

 1// To set a different I2C address, uncomment the define
 2// #define SDP3x_I2C_ADDRESS 0x21
 3#include "SDP3x.h"
 5// Setup routine runs once when you press reset
 6void setup() {
 7	// Initialize serial console
 8	Serial.begin(9600);
 9	// Initialize I2C communication
10	Wire.begin();
13// the loop routine runs over and over again forever
14void loop() {
15	// Simply print raw value, this can be viewed in the serial plotter
16	Serial.print("Pressure difference: ")
17	Serial.println(SDP3x.getPressureDiff());
18	// delay for a 100ms until the next sensor reading
19	delay(100);
20	Serial.print("Temperature: ")
21	Serial.println(SDP3x.getTemperature());
22	// delay for a 100ms until the next sensor reading
23	delay(100);


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